Welcome to MATA Paranormal!  We are a Las Vegas, NV based team of investigators who have over six years of field experience investigating locations.  However, we have a combined total of more than 35 years of experience working in the immense paranormal field.  The founding members, Margaret A. and Tara N. (thats me!!), are very enthusiastic about going out and attempting to discover clues that point to life after death using various scientific methods.  We also maintain a professional and respectful appearance while out investigating at all times.

Now, a little bit of information about ourselves...  Margaret and I founded MATAP for the very simple reason that when we each attempted to join existing paranormal investigation groups in order to learn and gain valuable experience, we were unable to.  And so, after many attempts to join others failed, we decided that the only way we were going to learn was to just go out and get our hands dirty.  And that is exactly what she and I did!  We purchased equipment and practiced using it over time, and learned everything we could through comprehensive research, and finally found a place to go out on our first investigation!  WE WERE READY!!  Well, needless to say, I do believe, and Margaret agrees with me, that we could not have possibly made any more mistakes and errors than we did that first time!  We even accidentally deleted ALL of our audio files for the entire night!  But it wasn't a total disaster.  We managed to capture some compelling evidence that we have never been able to debunk, and we learned a lot of things through our missteps.  I guess its fair to say that we have come a long way since that night, but Margaret and I know that we have a much longer road still ahead of us.

Here at MATAP, Margaret and I have seen, firsthand, some incredible things, and we have captured others that have truly astounded us.  I am sure that others out there have, too.  We both know how difficult it is to break into the paranormal field and build credibility.  We are also well aware of the ridicule that can come from many different persons and places.  This is why, for others like ourselves who are REALLY interested in learning and developing their techniques in the numerous areas of the paranormal field, but are still amateurs like us, we believe in supporting each other.  Neither Margaret nor I are against teaming up with different investigators in order to see how each one of us works, no matter what our personal experience level is.  We welcome the unique insights and interpretations that each person brings to different situations.  Each of us can share our methods and styles of investigating with the group and that way we can all teach and learn from the people around us in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  By combining all of our special talents, we can not only help each other grow as investigators, but also advance the knowledge of what the paranormal is!

If you are interested in joining MATA-Paranormal on an investigation, have any questions, or need MATAP to come and investigate your home or business, please feel free to contact us at any time!  All inquiries are confidential.


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